I learned from romance novels?pexels-photo-459514.jpeg

Well, not everything, but a decent amount.
But it doesn’t seem I learned any of the lessons detractors claim romance novels are meant to indoctrinate us with. When it comes to gestures of love and sexual encounters, if anything I feel badly for the men in our lives. Romance has set the bar pretty high, in my experience.
After working on my ‘Romance in Fantasy’ feature for Romancing the Tome over at the Fantasy Hive (A project which fell smack dab across Valentine’s Day), I’ve done a lot of working and even more thinking about how romance novels are so easily discounted, and so powerful, subversive even, under the covers.
This wonderful article by the venerable Jennifer Weiner is worth a read, and sums up a lot of what I felt putting my feature together.
What say you, Dear Reader? Has your romance-reading life been overall sex-positive? Did you learn any powerful lessons from those novels?

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