Even though nobody else likes your dumb ass. Today is a down day from marketing and banging out 40k of whatever this thing is I allegedly finished.
And unfettered free time means one horrible, ugly thing: History Memes.

I LOVE ME some history memes. Remember when someone pointed out you could put any Taylor Swift quote on a pic of Henry VIII and make it work?
Behold: I’ve risen to the challenge. The Trumpistan challenge. Which nobody actually issued. But still.
Happy Thursday ❤



Henry MediciHenry TrialHenry self

Henry pantiesHenry pancakesHenry JseymourHenry MaryHenry GloriaHenry MarryingHenry FlirtingHenry workwifeHenry Great WifeHenry effHenry BoleynHenry beautiesHenry dinnerHenry creationHenry ChristinaHenry DianaHenry AnneHenry AragonHenry Aragon IIHenry Boleyn II